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Poster for Peck


Dates with showtimes for Peck
  • Sun, Mar 17

Sun, Mar 17 @ 7:00 pm: Peck premieres at the Varsity with a Q&A with the filmmakers. Read More ›

Director: Antoinette Lavalle Run Time: 70 min.

Starring: Alyson O' Hara, Antoinette Lavalle, Deb Hade, Eli Fox, Jill Zmolek, Jillian Traskos, Joel Hade, Rekha Basu, Sarah Spain, Stephanie Schneider

Set against a serene Iowa landscape in the early 20th century, we find that Sophia is stuck. Stuck in her home and in her head, that is,  until some new faces arrive in town. Peck is a coming of age story that offers a fresh perspective on the themes of mental health, family, and the complexities of female relationships.

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