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Our Fiscal Sponsorship program is designed to help filmmakers get their projects funded through donations to the nonprofit Des Moines Film. This allows producers to seek donors rather than investors and for those donations to serve as charitable contribution deductions on federal tax returns.

In some cases, Fiscal Sponsorship may also allow filmmakers to apply for grants which must go through a 501c3 organization.

Fiscal Sponsorship is a good option for projects at any scale, from a feature length narrative or documentary down to a short film simply looking to raise a few hundred or thousand dollars. It may also be used to fund any portion of the process, from pre-production through post-production and distribution.

How much does it cost?
There is a $100 setup fee to begin a fiscal sponsorship. DM Film also deducts 7% from donated funds at the time of dispersal. We are confident you will find our fees the lowest around.

Who is eligible for a fiscal sponsorship?
Our nonprofit mission is to grow the film culture in DM Film and the state of Iowa. Therefore, any arts-based film project created by or significantly impacting Iowans is eligible. When you contact DM Film, we will work through the details of your specific project to ensure eligibility.

What do I get once my film is fiscally sponsored?
The biggest benefit to you the filmmaker is the ability to solicit donations to fund your film. Because those donations come through the nonprofit DM Film, those donors may receive tax deduction benefits. DM Film will provide documentation for your donors. In some cases, you may also be able to apply for specific grants which must go through a 501c3 organization.

As a fiscally sponsored project, you also get connected to other resources for producing and distributing your film, including connection to other local filmmakers who have gone through the process. As this program grows, we want to provide not only a fundraising mechanism, but foster a network or resources and mentors for filmmakers throughout the production process.

How do I apply?
Due to the complexity and nuances of fiscal sponsorship, you will need to first contact Des Moines Film Executive Director Ben Godar to discuss your project and arrange a meeting at

Current Fiscally Sponsored Projects:
Shift: The RAGBRAI Documentary, presented by the Des Moines Register, explores the people who ride, the towns that host and the space RAGBRAI offers riders to find whatever it was that enticed them to put their lives on hold and risk saddle sores in the July heat. The film follows three riders and a pair of community leaders as they reach new personal heights, changing their lives in seven days and finding themselves — literally and metaphorically — in the middle of nowhere.

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