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Poster for 48HR Best of City Encore

48HR Best of City Encore

Opens on August 26

Run Time: 120 min.

Best of City Screening and Awards recap for the 2023 48 Hour Film Project Des Moines. The films featured are:

– “Alone” by Duron Films (Horror)
– “Another One Opens” by Peach Fuzz (Heist Film)
– “Azure Project” by Studio 88 & Loper Productions (Sci-Fi)
– “Essential Essence” by Tiny Explosions (Fish Out of Water)
– “Family Batters” by We’re Just Here For The Zipline( Food Film)
– “Free Refills and Calling Dibs on Leftovers” by Trilix (Doppelganger)
– “I Can’t Remember Where or When” by Theater Genesis (Social Commentary)
– “Man of Circumstance” by CLD Films (Western)
– “Meloncholy” by BOOTLEG (Food Film)
– “Roadside Assistance” by Continuity (Road Movie)
– “Slap. Bump. Shoot” by Rise of the Cintree (Fish Out of Water)
– “Thumb Wars” by Mixed Pictures (Sports Film)
– “Wildflower” by Lumen Productions (Mystery)

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