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Is the Varsity accessible?

Yes! We are proud to say the Varsity is now accessible. The building is fully ADA compliant, including the restrooms and auditorium. There is an elevator now, and we have some chairs and benches in the lobby for your convenience. We offer hearing accessibility devices. Also, there is closed captioning available in the main auditorium, and it will soon be installed in the Loft.

I entered the wrong email address when ordering tickets. How do I get into the show without my confirmation email?

If you have a screenshot of your order, you can use that. Knowing your seat numbers and/or order number is also useful. Should you have nothing to show at the door, the box office can look up your purchase for you.

I cannot come to my showtime. Can I use my ticket for another show?

We are sorry, but because seating is reserved, we cannot accept your ticket at another show. In addition, tickets are nonrefundable unless the theater had to close. Des Moines Film appreciates your understanding and support.

Do you rent the Varsity for private events?

Yes, the Varsity is available to rent. Please contact us at for more information.

When does the box office open for purchases?

The box office opens a half hour before our first show of the day.

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